The online journal Katkı continues to make contributions. Our next issue’s theme will be ART and we are waiting for your articles regarding this theme. Down the ages, humans have expressed their dreams and wishes in many ways while struggling with the realities of life. We witness in all ages that, despite the compelling and dictating nature of the life we live in, artistic products reflecting, representing, surpassing this reality always accompany the latter with the instinct of play.  For this reason, we find important to ask questions about the relations of art with the social reality in contemporary world. We are expecting your contributions dealing with the relations/lack of relations of our social reality with art.

We would like to remind you that we give place to off-topic articles. We also would like to specify that, in accordance with our aim, we give priority to the works of graduate students.

The authors should submit their articles until 15th March 2020 to the following e-mail address: The articles will be online published in the journal’s website as a one-volume. The publication language is Turkish. The submitted manuscripts are required to be in conformity with the Journal’s writing rules so that they are taken under preliminary review. You may refer to the following web page. In the front page of the manuscript there should be abstract (in English and Turkish), information about the relevant scientific domains and key words.

We are awaiting your articles

With solidarity greetings

Katkı E-Journal Issue Editors